How to Take Advantage of the Membership at Every Stage

You’re not going to use everything…and that’s okay!

For example, if you’re just starting out, it wouldn’t make sense for you to work on your resume or learn how technical interviews work.

Pick and choose the things that work for you at various stages of your learning.

Just Starting Out

  • Pick your course / resource from Recommended Resources
  • Set goals in #accountability.
  • Ask for help in Slack and mentorship hours.

Building A Project

  • Pick a project from the membership or come up with your own
  • Set goals in #accountability
  • Pair up with another member
  • Ask for help in Slack or mentorship hours

When You’re Done with a Project

  • Submit to our Monthly Feedback Session
  • Share your win with us in Slack!
  • Get help with deploying and put it on Github
  • Start your next project

Job Searching

  • Use bonus courses on Resumes and cover letters
  • Set goals in #accountability
  • Build your portfolio with our project files
  • Submit your job application for review during feedback session

Since there are different topics to learn, you’re going to bounce between Learning and Project Building.