Virtual Chat Replays

Missed out on a virtual chat? No problem! You can watch replays of our chats with these lovely ladies down below.

Virtual Chat with Jenny Chan

Virtual Chat with Stacey Lin – March 16, 2021

Virtual Chat with Rocio de Santiago – January 18, 2021

Virtual Chat with Karen Carter – November 19, 2020

Virtual Chat with Cindy Dykstra – October 23, 2020

Cindy freelanced for 15 years as a web developer and decided to pivot and go back to a full time remote position at Teach for America. If you have any questions about working remotely, Cindy can help answer them!

Virtual Chat with Jessica Trujillo – September 24 2020

*Note: Sorry about the poor sound quality. I didn’t know how to use the new Zoom audio setting. 

Jessica spent 8 years in the military and had to transition back to a civilian life. She attended a web development bootcamp in her mid-30’s, so she understands the challenges of switching careers later in life. Currently, Jessica works as a Software Engineer – Test Automation in Tandem Diabetes Care.

Virtual Chat with Daphne Charles – August 21 2020

Daphne shared with us how her education in IT and UX helped her in her career, how she landed a job at BMW in Australia and her experience as a Black woman in the tech industry.

Virtual Chat with Marie Starck – July 6 2020

Marie is a Product Developer. She creates tech products for entrepreneurs but realized during the pandemic that she can be an entrepreneur herself. So recently, Marie became an entrepreneur creating a marketplace for self-guided tours.