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Learn to code, get mentored by experts + land your first developer job – without struggling to figure out everything on your own. 


  • Do you find yourself waking up every morning – going to a job you hate – that doesn’t even pay you well? 
  • Do you catch yourself day-dreaming about having a fulfilling, well-paid job as a developer? 
  • Do you find yourself thinking: “I wish I knew how to code! I could have a much better career path by now”?
  • Do you get deflated and overwhelmed trying to learn how to code – because you’re stuck for hours and can’t ask anyone why you’re stuck? 
  • Do you feel doubtful about whether you’re doing the right thing – and wish you had more clarity about moving forward? 

If that sounds a little too familiar – keep reading, you’re in the right place!


More tutorials are not going to help you learn to code faster.

It’s counterintuitive, but true.

You’re NOT stuck because you don’t have enough tutorials or online courses.

There are millions of free tutorials available on Google and Youtube – and you’ve taken a LOT of them.

But they’re not enough. If tutorials were enough, everyone would be a successful developer by now!

You’ve also found bootcamps and courses that promise to teach you *everything* about coding – but when you look closer, you get overwhelmed. You simply don’t have enough time – as a mom or busy employee – to spend all that time attending a bootcamp. 

Plus, even when you know the basics of code – it’s easy to get stuck when you’re starting out. 

You get stuck solving *one* single bug for hours on end – and it saps your motivation and makes you want to throw your laptop at the wall. 

The problem is: There’s too much content – but not enough support. Especially for women.

Unfortunately, there’s not enough support for women in tech. 

Here’s the thing. The tech industry is full of men.

Only 25% of jobs in the tech industry – across all roles and functions – are held by women. 

Which means, most ‘learning to code’ programs and support platforms like StackOverflow are created, managed and accessed by men. 

While I believe that women can make even better programmers and developers than men – I also know that most women are in different life circumstances compared to the men who are teaching them to code.

Most advice given out by privileged, single men won’t apply to women with 2 kids that need to be fed, bathed and home-schooled in a pandemic.

It’s not that they’re wrong – it’s just that their advice doesn’t fit your lifestyle. 


What Your Life Could Be Like 6 Months From Now

  • Imagine being able to code confidently 90% of the time – and get support when you’re stuck with something. 
  • Picture being able to create interesting + fun projects that you can add to your portfolio – without losing motivation along the way
  • See yourself having other female developer friends + peers who are on the same path as you – cheering you on and inspiring you!
  • What would it be like waking up and feeling excited about going to your new job as a developer – that feels rewarding, fulfilling and gratifying?
  • How amazing would it be to work remotely, have enough time with your family and have an interesting career – without compromising on your quality of life? 

Pretty incredible, right? 

You want to create a successful career in tech, but you’re wondering…


  • “Do I need more certifications to be able to code?”
  • “Should I join another bootcamp, tutorial or Udemy course?” 
  • “Do I need to go get a computer science degree to get the tech job I want?” 
  • “What if I fail? What if I never figure out how to make this work?” 
  • “Why am I so confused – when I see other people figuring it out themselves? Why is it so hard for me? ”

I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion when you’re starting off in your career as a new developer. 

If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, get off track, and never end up creating the career you want. 

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to make any progress at all!

I know because I started in the same place as you. 

I never thought I would code for a living.

I didn’t start coding until I was 21 in my web design course in university. We built 4 sites in HTML and CSS. Even then, it didn’t cross my mind that I should become a developer.

Becoming a developer in 2016 has allowed me to earn a higher salary and work remotely. In 2020, financial power and work flexibility are even more important for women than ever before.

This would never have been possible for me without the support of female communities I’ve joined, and that’s why I’m passionate about bringing the magic to you. Knowing that you are not alone in the struggle can make the difference between persevering and dropping out.

I will see you in the Learning Circle.
Jenny Chan, Founder


The Learning Circle

The women-only membership program for new developers who want to learn to code faster, get the support they need and create a fulfilling career in tech. 

PART 1: Career-Building Trainings

Get access to our 8 masterclasses on building a great portfolio, fine-tuning your resume, interviewing for tech roles, landing that dream job and a lot more. Become a gainfully employed developer – without getting overwhelmed. 

PART 2: Expert Mentoring

Reach out to expert developers in our group when you get stuck – and get your bugs diagnosed in minutes, instead of days. Plus, we regularly invite guest speakers to inspire you and take your career to the next level. 

PART 3: Supportive Community

Be a part of an inclusive, women-only community of developers who want to support you, cheer you on and keep you accountable when you’re feeling overwhelmed by life. 

Here’s What Is Included In The Membership

For Less than $1 / Day

  • Private Slack Community (valued at $199)
    Stuck on a coding problem or a concept? Ask us in the Slack channel and get help from the supportive community! 
  • Weekly Mentorship Office Hours (valued at  $399)  
    Get 1:1 help from a mentor through video call or Slack. Any questions asked during this period will get a quick response from the mentor on duty.
  • Monthly Coding Feedback Session (valued at  $199)
    The best way to learn is to get feedback! You’ll have a chance to submit your code and learn what you did well and how to improve.
  • Accountability + Progress Pods (valued at  $199)
    Weekly calls + check-ins with a small group of peers in your Progress Pod. Set regular goals and track your progress month-on-month – so you always keep moving forward.  
  • Recommended Resources (valued at  $99)
    Get a list of vetted courses and resources that will move you forward towards your goals. Make progress with the right resources – without getting overwhelmed!
  • Project Files (valued at  $399)  
    Start building projects for your portfolio with the provided design files! Whether you’re building your first page or a full-stack application, there’s something for you.


‘Earn Your First $100 with WordPress’ Crash Course (worth $499)

Get a crash course on what you need to know in WordPress to get your first paid gig – while you learn to code. You’ll also get scripts to post in your social media and email your network.

Monthly Virtual Coffee Chat Session (valued at $199) 

Every month, we invite an established female developer to come hang out, answer questions from our members – and share their experiences around becoming a successful developer. Our past sessions with Jessica Trujillo, Daphne Charles, Cindy Dykstra and Marie Starck are available as recordings.



Save $72 when you sign up for the annual plan.

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And let’s get you that first job as a developer!

Deadline: Friday, Mar 26 at 9pm Pacific



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*Note: Membership dues are pre-paid and billed automatically.
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More Raving Reviews

I gotta be honest with you.

The Learning Circle is not for everyone.

This is for you if you’re ready to…

  • Stop wasting your time taking more, more, more tutorials – and actually apply your skills to solve real world problems
  • Quit spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to code all alone
  • Move forward quickly and make progress every single week!
  • Be done with feeling scared, looking back or switching paths constantly
  • Have a community where you can ask questions, get help with your code, and create an actual career in tech. 

This is Not For You If You…

  • Just want more videos + tutorials on coding
  • Don’t believe you can succeed in learning to code
  • Aren’t ready to invest in yourself and your career 
  • Don’t want expert support + accountability to keep you on track
  • Don’t want to do the work to become proficient at coding (this is not a magic pill) 
  • Love the hamster wheel of learning and don’t actually want to build a proper career in tech 

Unparalleled support from an incomparable group of women!
No judgement when asking questions – just help in getting them answered.
It has been a game-changer for me in learning to code because it is beyond difficult to find a group like this out there on the internet!

Kathleen M

Kathleen M

The Women in Web Dev group has been a great investment in my career. I love having a support system to turn to for help, for encouragement, and for opportunities. Jenny’s videos are very relevant to building my portfolio and fine-tuning my resume, things that really stressed me out before. I am so glad I joined! 

Natalie S.

Natalie S.

Being part of the Women in Web Dev membership has really been a life-changer for me as a new freelance developer.
This community gives me motivation to move on with my goals and believe in my worth.
Whether it is asking for advice, help with coding problems, sharing day-to-day issues or learning more about opportunities and tech in general, the membership offers all these possibilities!

Marine J

Marine J

Joining Women in Web Dev was one of the best decisions I took to help enhance my skills in Web Development! As someone who did a career change, I was uneasy and felt I was not getting the support in my classroom.
I have done the 21-day Coding Challenge lighthouse labs twice with confidence.
I would recommend any upcoming women developers to join this group to receive community and support!

Stephanie G

Stephanie G

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