Free Courses

Python Core and Advanced – Udemy

Perfect for beginners who want to be guided through the basics of python. The instructor explains everything he is typing and doesn’t go too fast. This course does not include any exercises

Introduction to Python – Udacity

Another great and clear course from Udacity. The instructor gives detailed explanation of everything on the screen. This course includes exercises with solutions so you can apply what you’re learning.

Lynda Courses

There are SO MANY courses on Python on Lynda. Here are some that would be appropriate for beginners.

Python Essential Training

A comprehensive overview of the python language. The instructor explains everything on the screen and demonstrates how the code works clearly.

Using Python for Automation

This is a more advanced course to learn file manipulation, web scraping, Selenium and creating API requests.

Practice Exercises

There are so many resources to practice Python! You’re going to be a Python pro at the end of this!

PyNative Exercises and Quizzes

PyNative has lots of exercises grouped by topic to help you practice specific skills (e.g. string, functions, set, tuples). The quizzes test how well you can read and understand python code. Quizzes

Great quizzes on specific topics. I like how they include both code comprehension and theory questions. After you submit an answer, you will get the solution, plus explanation immediately.

W3School Python Exercises

These exercises are fill-in-the-blanks to get you to start writing some code! It’s a great start for beginners.

Rithm School Fundamentals of Python I

Lots of simple exercises to get you writing python code. Solutions included.


The quest to improve our programming skills is endless – and solving ever more difficult coding challenges from Edabit, HackerRank or CodeWars would be the “project” for this topic.


Edabit has hundreds of programming challenges ranked by difficulty. The exercises tend to be easier than CodeWars, so start here if you’re just getting started!


Ninja-themed website with thousands of challenges (katas) to go through. This is more challenging than Edabit.

The challenges often has sneaky edge cases that they test for, so makes it more fun / frustrating, depending on your view.

Next Steps

  • Learn Django or Flask to build your first web application!

Have a resource you love that’s not mentioned here, please let me know!