HTML, CSS & JavaScript

Here are the sections where you can practice some JavaScript, from least to most difficult:

You will have to write the HTML and CSS for the page first before you add the JavaScript.

Form Submission

  • Pick 1 of 3 forms available:
    • Newsletter signup on Home page
    • Support
    • Contact
  • can be done with vanilla JS / jQuery
  • Note: you won’t really be submitting the forms because you don’t have a back-end to handle the form submissions. Rather, you would attach an event listen to the form submission, update the screen and prevent the form from submitting. (Read this for more details)

Search and filter, Pagination

  • can be done with vanilla JS / jQuery / Vue / Angular / React
  • Pick from Job Board or Scholarships
  • Each entry is categorized so it can be filtered

Multi-step form and add post upon submission

  • The “Post a Job” form is a multi-step form that allows users to add their own job post.
  • A front-end framework is highly recommended to handle all the data changes
  • Here’s the flow:
    1. Save user input as they complete the form
    2. Allow user to preview their entry
    3. Upon submission, the new entry should be added to the listing
  • Tip: pre-populate your form with values so you don’t have to keep typing in the form.

Download Files

Designs – Download here.

Assets – This is THE SAME for ALL sections. Please do not download again if you already have it.

Otherwise, you can download it here.