Full Stack Application

There are 4 features on the website that can be turned into a full-stack application:

  1. Job Board
  2. Scholarships / Training
  3. Support
  4. Blog

Using the designs provided, write a full-stack application that allows for CRUD operations of any of the features. One is PLENTY to start with.

Only user-facing screens have been designed. There are no admin views, so you will have to come up with them yourself.

Features Preview


You can use any tech stack you choose since web applications can be built with many different frameworks. You can choose to use an MVC framework like Rails , Laravel or Django.

Download Files

Designs – Download here.

Assets – This is THE SAME for ALL sections. Please do not download again if you already have it.

Otherwise, you can download it here.

Suggested Steps

If you don’t know where to start, here’s a list of steps you can take.

  1. Determine the database structure needed for your feature. You don’t have to get everything right. Making database changes is very common.
  2. Create your database migration.
  3. Seed the database with some data.
  4. Create the routes and views required to view the data.
  5. Create the routes and views to create a new entry.
  6. Create the routes and views to delete an existing entry.
  7. Create the routes and views to update an existing entry.
  8. Implement access restrictions. For example, anyone can add a job if they submit a form and make a payment, but only admins should be able to delete it.
  9. Style the application if that’s something you want to do.