Progress Pods

What is a Pod?

We call our accountability groups ‘Pods’.

A Pod is: A ‘high touch’ small group that meets weekly, where each member reports on the completion of the Obvious Next Step that they’ve identified the week before as the most important next step for them to take that will get them the results they are looking for, or that will lead them closer to achieving those results.

What happens in a Pod Meeting?

There are three parts to a typical Pod meeting

  1. Each person reports back on how they got on with the Obvious Next Step that they identified the previous week.
  2. Each person Identifies their Obvious Next Step that they aim to take over the next week.
  3. Mini Mastermind session. This is an open discussion where anyone can ask questions, get answers, and talk about the things they are currently working on.

We know that people who are in Progress Pods achieve significantly more than those who aren’t.


Pods are designed to accelerate your progress. They do this by helping you clearly identify and take action on the most important Obvious Next Step you need to take next to help you move forward fast.

Your Pod is here for you to connect with other members, identify and share your Obvious Next Step for the upcoming week, and to be held accountable to implement your Obvious Next Step.

Any questions you have about how to implement your Obvious Next Step should be asked in Slack.

To participate in a Pod you agree to:

  • Attend at least 3 of the 4 Pod meetings each month.
  • Let your Pod leader know (in your Pod Slack Channel) if you are not available to make the meeting.
  • Be prompt and on time for each weekly meeting.
  • Bring a copy of your Progress Path to each meeting.
  • Be on camera 100% of the time during every meetup.
  • Control your own mute on Zoom.
  • Honour the 3 minutes per member ‘accountability moments’.
  • Comment in your weekly Pod thread on what your Obvious Next Step to implement

If you miss three meetings in a row you will be automatically removed from the Pod to make space available for others. You will need to be in Slack to communicate with your pod.

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